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  3. mentally-unstable-sociopath:

    Personally I woulda gone with a noose


  4. hellolostchild:

    Let me BOOM your mind.


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  6. hardinthebandmembers:

    My heart is loud. It plays a constant beat that someday will make someone dance and they will take me by the hand and waltz me about the room. The beat will get faster as they get closer, causing us to move with it, our steps getting faster and faster until our hearts explode and with the pieces all shattered up in us will be fused together and build a stronger one that we will share. The tune of my heart will eventually fade to a drol and rhythmless sonnet that reciprocates no listeners except one . My heart is strong as of now , with an upbeat rythm and a range of several octaves . But it will fade to a melancholy tone with nothing but a broken needle and a wobbly turn table keeping it going. But I’d love for just one person to keep listening until the needle snaps and the turning stops . #turntable #poetry #poet #heart #art #love #dancing #waltz #cute #explode #futuretattoo #tattoo #cool #death #life





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  11. tacticalnorwegian:

    Brazz knuckles, knife and revolver all in one neat little package.




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